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CrxLogbook - Lastest QSOs, after 18/04 20:11 - cache life is 2min

  QSO date Contact By Mode Band
23/04/2024 14:1314TW334 14AM34 USB 11m
23/04/2024 14:1214RP450 14AM34 USB 11m
23/04/2024 11:5586AT101 19AT066 SSB 73khz
22/04/2024 19:1914LMB82 2RC231 SSB 11m
22/04/2024 08:1214TMC13 14AM34 USB 11m
22/04/2024 08:0714EQ034 14AM34 USB 11m
22/04/2024 08:0614RC011 14AM34 USB 11m
21/04/2024 16:3414AT160 14AT246 SSB 11m
21/04/2024 13:04136WI/FM015 14FRS4021 USB 73khz
21/04/2024 12:32331TK007 34AO011 SSB 11m
21/04/2024 12:2867AT135 14AT246 SSB 11m
21/04/2024 11:032LV972 31CB212 USB 11m
21/04/2024 11:0150EK010 31CB212 USB 11m
21/04/2024 09:4614FDX/PE509 1AT014 SSB 11m
20/04/2024 16:13136WI/FM015 14SD204 USB 11m
20/04/2024 13:42517AT/0 14JC02 SSB 11m
20/04/2024 12:28517AT/0 14AT246 SSB 11m
20/04/2024 11:56196RC/DX 14AT246 SSB 11m
19/04/2024 20:1014SD/AT081 14SD204 USB 11m
19/04/2024 18:51517AT/0 14FDX700 SSB 11m
19/04/2024 12:39517AT/0 14TW001 SSB 11m
19/04/2024 11:2892AT101 19AT066 SSB 11m
18/04/2024 09:0034AT/CAI054 14JC02 SSB 11m
15/04/2024 16:0031CIA09 14JC02 SSB 11m
14/04/2024 17:44196CH097 14JC02 SSB 11m
14/04/2024 07:4554DG/BWI 14TW001 SSB 11m
13/04/2024 14:53172AT124 14JC02 SSB 11m
13/04/2024 12:34517AT/0 14SD204 USB 11m
13/04/2024 12:2281AT/0 19AT066 SSB 11m
11/04/2024 16:1044RFI001 2RC231 SSB 11m
09/04/2024 13:04500LR/0 19AT066 SSB 11m
07/04/2024 17:40196RC/DX 31CB212 USB 11m
07/04/2024 10:44233SM001 31CB212 USB 11m
07/04/2024 07:41500LR/0 14SD204 USB 11m
06/04/2024 18:4814SD123 14AT246 SSB 11m
03/04/2024 13:15226SD102 14TW001 SSB 11m
03/04/2024 09:34172ZZ002 14SD204 USB 11m
02/04/2024 14:4779AT123 14TW001 SSB 11m
31/03/2024 14:4150KA001 2RC231 SSB 11m
30/03/2024 15:482SD/LCB 31CB212 SSB 11m
30/03/2024 13:359PAT010 14FRS4021 USB 73khz
30/03/2024 07:18100KPI107 14TW001 SSB 11m
29/03/2024 14:08196TGV001 14FRS4021 USB 73khz
27/03/2024 14:29134DA/0 19AT066 SSB 11m
26/03/2024 17:03196TGV001 14FRS4021 USB 73khz
26/03/2024 17:02136OMÉGA002 14FRS4021 USB 73khz
20/03/2024 11:28227AT106 14FDX700 SSB 11m
17/03/2024 13:58251CR/0 34AO011 SSB 11m
17/03/2024 13:5616DG/WV-001 34AO011 SSB 11m
17/03/2024 12:1976/14VD146 14FDX700 SSB 11m
14/03/2024 13:5349RC001 34AO011 SSB 11m
06/03/2024 09:2630DA011 34AO011 SSB 11m
14/02/2024 15:0953/15AT105 1AT014 SSB 11m
11/02/2024 18:3045CI120 2RC231 SSB 11m
14/11/2023 16:531RC/000 2RC231 SSB 11m
27/10/2023 11:3134FDX/DX 1AT014 SSB 11m
21/10/2023 10:3114RL/PO149 1AT014 SSB 11m
20/10/2023 12:2114DG/MA019 1AT014 SSB 11m
10/09/2023 09:09187SD0 14FDX700 SSB 11m

Dx-spot map (refresh 3min)

Welcome on 11M DXCLUSTER CRX.


The main aim of the project "CRXCluster" is to purpose innovative tools open to 11 meters, PMR, CB, amators radio.

The cluster implements anyway protocol DXTelnet which makes it compatible with all logbooks (logger32 for example).

It also purpose an "interconnection" system for Dxcluster 11M wich work in WEB mode only (via robot system like a search engine).

Good Dx with CRX!

The CRX team.