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CrxLogbook - Lastest QSOs, after 25/06 22:00 - cache life is 2min

  QSO date Contact By Mode Band
30/06/2022 18:1314DA017 31SD688 SSB 11m
30/06/2022 16:2931RC688 14CI010 SSB 11m
30/06/2022 16:2230CI101 14CI010 SSB 11m
30/06/2022 16:2114CI101 14CI010 SSB 11m
30/06/2022 16:071SA905 14CI010 SSB 11m
30/06/2022 15:421AT/B923 14CI010 SSB 11m
29/06/2022 21:00283DA010 14AT139 SSB 11m
29/06/2022 18:4732IR001 14OD107 SSB 11m
29/06/2022 05:5018RC113 14PAT064 SSB 11m
28/06/2022 20:573AT282 14AT139 SSB 11m
27/06/2022 16:2814TA02 104PAT106 SSB 73khz
27/06/2022 15:5814DA044 104PAT106 SSB 73khz
27/06/2022 15:5426ST009 104PAT106 SSB 73khz
27/06/2022 15:5226PA002 104PAT106 SSB 73khz
27/06/2022 15:4914AV95 104PAT106 SSB 73khz
27/06/2022 07:1026WX692 14PAT064 SSB 11m
26/06/2022 22:02158DA711 14AT139 SSB 11m
26/06/2022 21:49218AT437 14AT139 SSB 11m
26/06/2022 18:2014RI130 31SD688 SSB 11m
26/06/2022 17:3326FI/FD009 14AT139 SSB 11m
26/06/2022 16:0426AT095/ER70 14PAT064 SSB 11m
26/06/2022 15:3214CR027 31SD688 SSB 11m
26/06/2022 15:2614SD132 31SD688 SSB 11m
26/06/2022 15:2345CI/FD035 14PAT022 USB 11m
26/06/2022 15:2014SD204 14OD107 SSB 11m
26/06/2022 14:3714EK/FD043 14PAT022 USB 11m
26/06/2022 14:2514RL/FD025 14PAT022 USB 11m
26/06/2022 14:2114FDX/FD048 14PAT022 USB 11m
26/06/2022 14:1314FDX/FD047 14PAT022 USB 11m
26/06/2022 14:10305 ??? 14FDX3601 FM 11m
26/06/2022 13:5114SD276 31SD688 SSB 11m
26/06/2022 13:1445CI/FD035 14OD107 SSB 11m
26/06/2022 12:5714RC/FD01 14OD107 SSB 11m
26/06/2022 11:2914KM7739 14HF077 USB 11m
26/06/2022 11:1913IR100 14HF077 USB 11m
26/06/2022 11:1513OT/FD003 14HF077 USB 11m
26/06/2022 10:1614RL/FD025 14FDX132 USB 11m
26/06/2022 07:5745CI/FD045 14FDX127 USB 11m
26/06/2022 06:4019EK/FD002 14PAT064 SSB 11m
26/06/2022 06:3445CI/FD035 14HF077 USB 11m
26/06/2022 06:1845CI/FD035 14FDX127 USB 11m
26/06/2022 05:5113OT/FD003 14FDX127 USB 11m
23/06/2022 19:5945CI120 14OD107 SSB 11m
23/06/2022 15:431AT/M088 14HF077 USB 11m
23/06/2022 11:541AT/PA052 14PAT064 SSB 11m
17/06/2022 19:5026SH014 14FDX127 USB 11m
17/06/2022 19:2014RC107 14FDX127 USB 11m
11/06/2022 09:3014OPC101 14FDX3601 USB 11m
11/06/2022 08:41163DX/EU124 14FDX3601 USB 11m
10/06/2022 16:40352ATDX 14FDX3601 USB 11m
04/06/2022 19:4613KF25 14FDX3601 FM 11m

Dx-spot map (refresh 3min)

Welcome on 11M DXCLUSTER CRX.


The main aim of the project "CRXCluster" is to purpose innovative tools open to 11 meters, PMR, CB, amators radio.

The cluster implements anyway protocol DXTelnet which makes it compatible with all logbooks (logger32 for example).

It also purpose an "interconnection" system for Dxcluster 11M wich work in WEB mode only (via robot system like a search engine).

Good Dx with CRX!

The CRX team.