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CrxLogbook - Lastest QSOs, after 02/12 08:35 - cache life is 2min

  QSO date Contact By Mode Band
06/12/2021 12:1014RC/C 14OD107 SSB 11m
06/12/2021 11:14170AT/0 19AT066 SSB 11m
06/12/2021 07:02F4IOG 14FRS2791 JS8 40m
06/12/2021 07:01F4HUO 14FRS2791 JS8 40m
05/12/2021 14:5673KPI002 14SD275 SSB 11m
05/12/2021 11:1731PAT323 14OPC101 USB 11m
05/12/2021 11:06104DA104/SC 14FDX104 SSB 11m
05/12/2021 11:0514PMO131 14BT01 SSB 11m
05/12/2021 10:30173RO 14OPC101 USB 11m
05/12/2021 09:471SA905 14OPC101 USB 11m
05/12/2021 09:34112AT149 14OPC101 USB 11m
04/12/2021 09:14315LR176 14OPC101 USB 11
02/12/2021 20:4114PAT22 14PAT790 USB 11m
30/11/2021 17:5614AT246 14OD107 SSB 11m
30/11/2021 17:5514VL720 14OD107 SSB 11m
30/11/2021 17:5214RC200 14OD107 SSB 11m
29/11/2021 18:3414FEV107 14OD107 SSB 11m
28/11/2021 12:1512TRC101 19AT066 SSB 11m
28/11/2021 11:3829IP001 19AT066 SSB 11m
21/11/2021 10:2177AT101 19AT066 SSB 11m
16/11/2021 08:3634LA937 14BT01 SSB 11m
13/11/2021 13:5378AT104 19AT066 SSB 11m
31/10/2021 15:059KC862 14BT01 SSB 11m
30/07/2021 12:3035SD150 14FRS2791 JS8 11m
22/07/2021 17:5519WO495 14FRS2791 JS8 11m
13/07/2021 20:0430MAR066 14FRS2791 JS8 11m
28/11/2020 10:33315OD111 14FDX104 SSB 11m
28/11/2020 10:32315OD111 14FDX104 SSB 11m
28/11/2020 10:31315OD111 14PAT337 USB 11m
25/09/2020 06:401AT1224 14FDX104 LSB 11m

Dx-spot map (refresh 3min)

Welcome on 11M DXCLUSTER CRX.


The main aim of the project "CRXCluster" is to purpose innovative tools open to 11 meters, PMR, CB, amators radio.

The cluster implements anyway protocol DXTelnet which makes it compatible with all logbooks (logger32 for example).

It also purpose an "interconnection" system for Dxcluster 11M wich work in WEB mode only (via robot system like a search engine).

Good Dx with CRX!

The CRX team.