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CrxLogbook - Lastest QSOs, after 09/08 09:32 - cache life is 2min

  QSO date Contact By Mode Band
13/08/2022 21:3573KPI002 14AT139 USB 11m
13/08/2022 16:29331/14AT047 14PAT022 USB 11m
13/08/2022 15:1114FDX/P 14RC112 USB 73khz
13/08/2022 07:441EM044/LP3 31PAT233 SSB 11m
12/08/2022 20:0314IR/FRA497 1SD002 SSB 11m
12/08/2022 19:5414FDX/FRA198 14FDX040 SSB 11m
12/08/2022 19:1726AT093/EU120 31PAT233 SSB 11m
12/08/2022 19:1214FDX/FRA198 30LO3747 SSB 11m
12/08/2022 18:5726AT093/EU120 31PAT233 SSB 11m
12/08/2022 18:1216RFI/PH 14FDX373 SSB 11m
12/08/2022 13:3831PAT207 14CV48 USB 11m
12/08/2022 09:58328/14AT047 14AT139 USB 11m
12/08/2022 08:38104/14AT148 14FRS4419 USB 11m
12/08/2022 08:161AT/A892 14FRS4419 USB 11m
11/08/2022 13:5214AL22 14AT139 USB 11m
11/08/2022 13:3414RC/FRA429 1SA462 SSB 11m
11/08/2022 13:3314RC122 14AT139 USB 11m
11/08/2022 13:0714MAR003 14AT139 USB 11m
11/08/2022 08:401AT/E236 14FRS4419 USB 11m
10/08/2022 19:1514FDX/FRA198 31PAT233 SSB 11m
10/08/2022 14:3114FDX/PO179 14FDX040 SSB 11m
10/08/2022 14:2214FDX/PE179 14FDX040 SSB 11m
10/08/2022 14:0114FDX/PO179 31PAT233 SSB 11m
10/08/2022 13:4514FRS/PO179 14EF401 FM 11m
10/08/2022 13:0014FDX/PO179 14EF401 SSB 11m
09/08/2022 19:40327/14AT047 14FRS4419 USB 11m
09/08/2022 09:361AT/I256 14FRS4419 USB 11m
08/08/2022 21:1214RC/GF 1SD002 SSB 11m
08/08/2022 11:4513RS/NSS . 14FDX373 SSB 11m
07/08/2022 18:4114CI062 14PAT064 USB 11m
07/08/2022 16:0214AT160 14PAT064 USB 11m
07/08/2022 09:3614AT/FRA752 1SD002 SSB 11m
07/08/2022 08:4714RC/18036R 1SD002 SSB 11m
07/08/2022 08:2514AT/CF14038 1SD002 SSB 11m
07/08/2022 08:0514FDX/AM-142 14EF401 SSB 11m
06/08/2022 13:3814AT06 14PAT064 USB 11m
06/08/2022 11:4814IR/PE504 14EF401 FM 11m
06/08/2022 11:3514IR/PE504 14EF401 SSB 11m
06/08/2022 10:4614IR/PE504 14FDX040 SSB 11m
06/08/2022 07:45352AT/DX 14AT54 USB 11m
04/08/2022 13:3731PAT/HB21 14PAT064 USB 11m
03/08/2022 10:36108AT077 14PAT064 USB 11m
02/08/2022 16:19196AT101 14FDX373 SSB 11m
30/07/2022 16:021GIR/LM 30LO3747 USB 11m
28/07/2022 13:5231FDX/EU150 14FDX040 SSB 11m
28/07/2022 12:3831FDX/EU150 30LO3747 USB 11m
28/07/2022 12:1231FDX/EU150 14AT54 USB 11m
28/07/2022 10:52328AT/CI046 14AT54 USB 11m
27/07/2022 10:5830CI101 30LO3747 USB 11m
27/07/2022 09:5930LO3630/DC 30LO3747 USB 11m
24/07/2022 10:4730FDX/O008 14AT54 USB 11m
24/07/2022 10:4630FDX/EU080 14AT54 USB 11m
22/07/2022 05:15233YO073 19AT066 SSB 11m
09/07/2022 10:30235DA/0 19AT066 SSB 11m
07/07/2022 05:17327JM01 19AT066 SSB 11m
26/06/2022 15:2345CI/FD035 14PAT022 USB 11m
26/06/2022 14:3714EK/FD043 14PAT022 USB 11m
26/06/2022 14:2514RL/FD025 14PAT022 USB 11m
26/06/2022 14:2114FDX/FD048 14PAT022 USB 11m
17/06/2022 06:0836/13AT031 19AT066 SSB 11m
10/06/2022 17:361RC001 19AT066 SSB 11m
10/06/2022 04:0014RC666 14FDX373 SSB 11m
03/06/2022 20:2014FDX/CTE021 14RC112 USB 73khz
27/05/2022 12:45108PAT105 14RC112 USB 73khz
27/05/2022 12:3768CI/DX 14RC112 USB 73khz
06/05/2022 15:0568OL121 14RC112 USB 73khz

Dx-spot map (refresh 3min)

Welcome on 11M DXCLUSTER CRX.


The main aim of the project "CRXCluster" is to purpose innovative tools open to 11 meters, PMR, CB, amators radio.

The cluster implements anyway protocol DXTelnet which makes it compatible with all logbooks (logger32 for example).

It also purpose an "interconnection" system for Dxcluster 11M wich work in WEB mode only (via robot system like a search engine).

Good Dx with CRX!

The CRX team.